Preparation for Crystal Ball Reading

Preparation for Crystal Ball Reading

Before you do a crystal ball reading, make sure everything is ready for you. The most important thing you can do is make sure you won’t be interrupted. If you want to be alone, tell the people around you. This is a time you are taking for yourself. You don’t want to be interrupted unless it’s an emergency. Make sure you tell them what an emergency is. Turn off your phone. Have someone watch the kids. Keep your pets out of the room, please.

The place where you’ll be working should be peaceful and quiet, with nothing to keep you from working. Set the ball up on the table in front of you in a way that it won’t roll. To keep the ball steady, use a stand that is made for it. Most stores that sell balls also sell the stands. Have nothing but a simple tablecloth on the table. The main idea is that you don’t want anything in the way of your eye (and your mind) when you look at the crystal ball.

It can be hard for some people to do their readings in a quiet place, like a room for meditation and looking at crystal balls. The energy of a place that isn’t too loud can help you stay focused on your work. If you want, you can play some soft, quiet, and uplifting classical or New Age music in the background to make the room feel more peaceful. I like to turn down the lights, then shine a light right into the ball so it is lit up. You can put a candle behind the ball, a spotlight, or even a flashlight in front of it. You can also buy lightboxes that hold and light up the ball. Because the ancient seers thought the flame provided a sense of warmth, they used candles. The flickering fire of the wick was made even more visible when it was reflected in a glass bowl. Though I sometimes like the flickering flame, I think the lightbox is the best source of light.

At this point, you should start preparing yourself. When you start, ask for help and guidance from the Higher Spirit. Ask that you always serve truth, honor, and wisdom in a quiet way inside your own head. Ask that you not be led astray by your own desires or ego, but instead be truly led by the highest good for you. Some people pray about this. Others prefer to keep these intentions in their minds and not act on them.

With your spine straight, sit on a chair in front of your crystal ball and keep your back straight. Make sure your hands aren’t moving. Make sure your eyes are closed. Breathe in through your nose for two or three long and deep breaths. With each exhalation, gently and slowly let go of the air, relaxing your body more and more each time. You can let all the tension in your jaw, face, throat center, and heart center go away by putting your hands in your lap and letting them rest. Let go of the tension that is in each arm from your shoulders down to the elbows and wrists. Then let it go out through the middle of your hands and finish with a fingertip. Take three more long, deep breaths, relaxing your body more on each out breath. Take a deep breath and feel the sense of relaxation move down your legs and to your feet. These deep roots will keep you stable and calm. This is very important for crystal ball reading.

Then, take three more long breaths, feeling the air move in and out of your nose, and picturing your breath coming and going through your heart center. Feel as if all of your energy is being gathered in the middle of your chest. This will help you get back in touch with your center and find your center. Being centered is very important for your crystal ball reading.

Now, look at the top of your head. Take three deep breaths from the middle of your head. As you breathe out, imagine that your head opens up into a huge arena of clear blue sky that is tinged with golden light. People who do this will be able to open up their higher intuitive energy centers. In this way, you’ll be in balance, like a tree with roots deep in the ground and branches that reach high into the sky. Your energy will be in your center, around your heart. This is what you need for your crystal ball reading to be balanced.

Any time you start to feel dizzy or shaky while you’re reading this, take a few breaths and send your roots deeper into the ground. This means that you should do this from both feet and from the bottom of your spine. Then, gently shift your breathing to your heart center to calm down: Finally, after these things happen, you can turn your attention back to reading. When you practice, you’ll be able to do it without letting your attention slip away from the reading. If you are reading for someone else, make sure they also breathe and focus in this way. You can show them how to do this as you do it yourself. There are a lot of people who are very excited, but you don’t want to let that energy get in the way of your reading. There are some things that make readings go better when both people are relaxed and focused on what they want and how they can help each other.

Then, take both hands, palm-to-palm, and rub them together very quickly for about 30 seconds. When you rub your hands together, the friction will make them feel hot and tingly, warm. Do this with your hands in mind.

It’s now time to open your hands with palms up and breathe very lightly over them. Breathe from palm to finger. This will make your hands a little more sensitive to the touch. When you are ready, put one hand on each side of your crystal ball when you are ready. This is how you should feel the ball. It should be between your palms, with your fingers on both sides. Check to see if you can feel almost like the ball is floating and/or there is a slight breeze. Make sure your hands aren’t too close to each other when you feel that. With your eyes closed, keep focusing on the ball in your hands until you feel a gentle pulse, like the ball is breathing in and out. When you do this, your energy field has joined the ball’s.

It’s now time to start rubbing the crystal ball with your hands, going around and around slowly. You don’t want to lose your connection with the ball at this point. The first time, do this with your eyes closed. Then, open them and look at the ball. Ancient teachers used to say that this connects you to the crystal ball in a way that makes you feel like you’re not alone. You are not only getting to know your ball, but you are also giving it your vibration. Think of it as getting to know your ball so that it feels like it’s part of you. Then, you can start reading.

This is another way to make sure you and the crystal ball are in sync with each other: Sit or stand with your spine straight when you do. Hold the ball with both hands at the same level as your chest. As you breathe, send your “roots” down into the earth and open the top of your head to the sky. This will help you get in touch with your heart and center yourself. Close your eyes now. In this picture, think of your body as having long, thin threads of energy or light. Imagine threads of energy or light coming from every surface of your body and going as far as your inner eye can see. They go in every direction as far as your eye can see. Your body is made up entirely of these energy strands, and you don’t even know where they start or end.

Focus on the crystal ball in your hands, with your eyes still closed, so that you can see inside your own mind. Think about how it, too, has these very small threads of energy or light that go deep into the earth, around it, and into the sky. The crystal ball’s body is also made up of energy strands, just like your body. This will help you see or feel the connection between your own and the crystal ball’s energy bodies and the way your threads of energy are all linked together. With your eyes still closed, let yourself feel and picture it. Open your eyes, but don’t let go of your sense of being one with the crystal ball.

If the crystal ball is small enough, you can also do the following to make yourself even more in sync: Center and ground yourself, then gently place the crystal ball on your head. Breathe in and out, feeling as if your inbreath is coming through the crystal ball, down into your head, and even into your heart center as you do so.

Your outbreath should come out of your heart center, up through your throat, out the top of your head, and into space. Again, feel as though you and the crystal ball are one and the same. This practice will also help you to keep your heart in balance and open it up, making it more compassionate and empathic. It will also help you to improve your intuition and psychic abilities, and it will help you to expand your consciousness into other realms of reality.

If your crystal ball isn’t too big or heavy, there’s another way to make it work with you. Centering yourself and grounding yourself is the first step. Then, you gently and slowly rub the ball over all of your body. Shamans of old said that seeing isn’t just about your eyes. Your skin, too! The skin on your body should be able to “see” the crystal ball as you rub it over it. In this way, you can feel it against your body and pay attention to any thoughts, images, or feelings that come up during the process. Don’t worry about whether or not they make sense or not. Just pay attention. You will not only learn about your ball, but you will soon feel like you know it very well. The ball feels like it’s part of you.

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