Psychedelics Experience

Metaphors of Sensation

Consider how a computer operates to gain a better understanding of the scrying process. Binary code is used to represent any information entered into a computer by its programmers. This is made up of strings of 1s and 0s that tell the computer when to turn its millions of silicon switches on and off. If the computer displayed this information as an interim rather than a final form on its screen, it would be meaningless to the typical person. Nonetheless, a computer can convert this string of binary code into words, numbers, colors, images, photographs, motion pictures, and music. The computer converts raw data into sensory sensations that humans can comprehend.

The unconscious mind is a very powerful computer, among other things. Every second, it analyzes millions of bits of data, converting raw electrical impulses from our physical senses into valuable information that we need to execute our daily duties. When we begin to scry, we are sending a message to our unconscious that we are looking for information that is beyond our senses’ reach. The unconscious mind has access to this information, but it is trapped. How does it convey this information to our conscious consciousness in a fashion that we can comprehend? Our consciousness is formed up solely of sensory stimuli. We are only aware of what we can see, hear, feel, smell, or touch, either directly with our bodily senses or indirectly through dreams or memories.

Our unconscious mind addresses this challenge by transforming the extrasensory knowledge it has collected for us into sensory analogies. This works well when the information is about a real person or location—we “see” that person or location as if we were physically present. When the information written is more intricate, or includes nonphysical entities and locations, the mind has a more difficult time translating it into images or sounds that we can grasp. As a result, what we see during scrying is frequently distorted or simply an approximation of the true events we desire to discern. Before it can be used, it must be evaluated and analyzed.

As a result, many critics have dismissed scrying as untrustworthy. True, it will never be as useful for delivering real information about the physical world over a long distance as a video camera or a telephone. However, occurrences that cannot be recorded on machines can be written down. It is possible to scry for concealed objects or missing people. Locked compartments and sealed vessels, as well as locations beneath the sea, deep beneath the earth, and in space, can all be scried, even if they are beyond of reach of microphones and cameras. Scrying can transport one’s awareness beyond time, into the distant past or the far future. Most amazing of all, the scryer has the ability to enter the inner realms of the mind and peek into nonphysical realities where spirits live.

Psychedelics Experience

Many people were taken aback by the sensory aberrations that occurred when they took LSD in the 1960s. Small things grew to be very enormous, while large things appear to be very small. People’s faces appeared to melt and run like wax. Time progressed at a glacial speed or sped up like a locomotive out of control. Acid trippers might “hear” colors and “see” sounds. They have reported seeing magnificent hues that do not exist in daily human cognition on occasion.

LSD disrupts the unconscious mind’s regular sensory processing function. This is how trippers can “see” music and “hear” colors. It also allows data that would ordinarily be translated into sensory experiences by the mind to reach conscious awareness. This is why some visitors claim to have seen hues that do not exist or to have heard music of unearthly and unattainable beauty. However, because it is a major chemical disruption in the normal functioning of the mind, it is exceedingly dangerous and utterly uncontrollable. We wouldn’t place a piece of tinfoil on a computer’s live circuit board just to see what happens, and we shouldn’t put acid on our brains either.

Those who used LSD believed they had discovered something completely new in the world. They had made a mistake. Scryers have been purposefully manipulating their sensory perceptions for thousands of years to gain access to information that is not normally available through the senses. During that period, they have created a number of tried-and-true approaches that produce precise, desired results. Scying is not dangerous because their actions are controlled and they employ only natural chemicals and procedures to attain their goals. It is the original and most effective method of expanding consciousness.

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