Who can Scry?

Anyone with a knack for scrying can become one. This comprises a large population. The majority of people do not develop, or even suspect, their aptitude for scrying, which lays latent all their lives. Only utilize this talent to develop it. The same is true of any innate talent.

Scrying works well if you have a basic latent ability to send your mind into a receptive state of consciousness. You may have to work harder than someone with a greater gift to develop your talent, but this effort will make you a better scryer than someone with a tremendous gift who is too lazy to develop it.

One indication that you may have the talent to enter a receptive state of consciousness during scrying is the ability to be hypnotized. A small portion of the population, about twenty percent, can be hypnotized easily and at once can be made to enter a highly suggestible state of awareness. Another large percentage, perhaps sixty percent, can respond to hypnotic induction in some degree, but cannot be made to experience the full range of hypnotic phenomena. Then there is a third portion, around twenty percent, who resist hypnosis and effectively cannot be hypnotized.

Hypnotists agree that those who are hypnotized really hypnotize themselves. The hypnotist only provides a little guidance in the form of verbal suggestions. Anyone who can induce within themselves a suggestible state with the aid of a hypnotist can, at least potentially, create the same kind of mental state on their own without the aid of another person. However, self-hypnosis is more difficult than being hypnotized by another person, and requires a great deal of practice, effort, and concentration. The same is also true for the receptive or impressionable mind-state needed for scrying.

While it is true that as much as eighty percent of the population can be hypnotized by a skilled hypnotist to some degree, less than half the members of this group will be able to achieve useful results with self-hypnosis. The ability to induce a receptive state in your own mind and implant a suggestion is a much surer indication of a talent for scrying than is the ability to be hypnotized by another person.

If at some time in the past you have experienced a psychic episode of some kind, this may indicate a latent gift for scrying. Experiences of clairvoyance (seeing visions) or clairaudience (hearing voices) indicate successful efforts by your deep mind to communicate important information to your conscious mind.

Several or many spontaneous psychic experiences spread over a period of years are a better indicator of scrying talent than a single experience, which may be an anomaly triggered by a personal situation of extreme danger or need. For example, if you have seen psychic visions, ghosts, or auras on an irregular basis since your childhood, this is a surer sign of latent seership than the single, traumatic vision that the plane you were intending to fly aboard is going to crash.

The veracity of these visions is not important. When scrying, you will see and hear many things that have no correspondence in the physical world. You must learn to separate factual visions from symbolic visions. The key indicator is that your unconscious mind and conscious awareness are in communication with each other. Once this link is established, you can learn to use it to willfully access data that was acquired by your deep mind through extrasensory means.

Children often possess a natural faculty for scrying. When they grow older they usually lose it. The cut-off age is around the time of adolescence – ten to twelve years in most individuals. Before this age, any child can create images in the air, hold conversations with a stuffed toy, evoke an imaginary friend, dream, while awake or see monsters in the closet. When the child becomes a young adult the method for accessing the unconscious that was learned during play is forgotten.

In ages past, magicians and seers unscrupulously employed young girls and boys as scryers to take advantage of this natural ability. The magician would instruct the child, who was usually a boy of seven to ten years, to stare fixedly into a vessel of oil or a small pool of black ink held in his cupped palm.

The magician suggested to the child what he should be looking for, and instructed him to inform the magician the instant he saw it. The expected image might be something such as a flash of fire, or a column of smoke, or the approach of a man on horseback. When the child reported seeing the image looked for, the magician would record any scenes the boy saw and any conversations the boy might hold with spirits.

In effect, the magician induced a state of hypnosis in the apprentice seer and suggested certain parameters for the ensuing scrying session. However, the details of the various visions reported to the magician came forth from the deep mind of the child. They were not deliberately implanted by the magician.

It is highly unethical to subject a child to the consciousness-altering techniques necessary to scry, even if the child is aware of the procedure and willing to undergo it. Scrying is not dangerous, but to induce a receptive scrying state in another person through the use of fascination and verbal suggestion is to intrude upon that most private and sacred of spaces, the mind. Some astral visions can be frightening even to an adult prepared to receive them, but they can be absolutely terrifying to a young child. Everyone who scries should be allowed to make an informed, mature decision to do so on their own.

There is no age or gender restriction on scrying. Many of the greatest seers have been men in their middle or late years. The water and mirror scryers of ancient Greece were often priestesses of the Mysteries, an indication that the ability is at least as strong in women as it is in men, and probably much stronger.

If there is a history of seership or second-sight in your family, this is a good indication that you have inherited a latent natural ability to scry. You may wish to have your natal horoscope examined by a professional astrologer for lunar influences. If the role of the Moon in your chart is strong, along with that of Mercury and Saturn, and if the sign of the Moon, Cancer, is prominent and active, this suggests a potent lunar current in your nature which may dispose you to clairvoyance, clairaudience, and other extrasensory perceptions.

Historically, it has been believed that some races are more gifted psychically than others. This probably has more to do with prejudice and superstition than accurate observation. Celts have long been thought to possess the gift of second-sight. The same is true of Gypsies. During colonial times in New England, Native Americans were associated with mediumship by the Pennsylvanian Dutch, a link that has survived down to the present in the cliché of the Indian spirit guide.

Even if it is true that certain racial groups have a statistically greater inherited ability to scry than others, this has no application on the level of the individual. For example, an individual Swede may well make a better seer than an individual Scot. Emanuel Swedenborg, a Swedish philosopher and gifted scryer of the spirit realms, demonstrates that no racial group is excluded from occult perceptions. Swedes would seem to be the least likely race to possess psychic abilities, if we follow the historical paradigm, yet Swedenborg was one of the most brilliant psychics who ever lived.

Finally, it is desire coupled with regular practice that makes a scryer. True, there must be some basic ability to develop, but where this exists it is the determination to succeed that separates the professional working seer from the gifted amateur who experiences occasional visionary episodes, but has no idea where they come from or how to repeat them.

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