The moon in scrying

In ancient times, scrying was strongly associated with Moon magic. Because the lunar sphere is the lowest of the planets’ spheres, the Moon has long been considered as a kind of portal between our mundane physical world and the mysterious realm of spirits. The Moon is in charge of dreams, visions, hallucinations, fancies, and recollections, which are all aspects of the astral plane, which lives one level above the physical world.

The astral plane is an other level of existence, not a location in space. It exists and pervades our everyday physical reality in the same way that music can vibrate on the air while a human voice is speaking, and white light can hold many different hues at the same time. The astral realm is where the visions we have when scrying take shape. This is also true of the visuals we see in our dreams, yet we rarely examine our astral world when we sleep. We are able to capture our impressions when scrying because we are conscious of what we view astrally.

The majority of the materials used to facilitate scrying have been lunar materials in the past. Crystals, mirrors, water and other liquids, silver rings, moon herbs, and hazel wands are just a few examples. It would be unwise to ignore the Moon’s historical association with scrying.

For the scryer who understands and appreciates the Moon’s fluctuating rhythms, she can become a powerful ally. Witches who follow the teachings of Gerald Gardner, Sybil Leek, Raymond Buckland, and other notable leaders of the modern Wiccan movement are fully aware of the Moon’s power. Wicca has traditionally placed a strong emphasis on the Moon. Her power, on the other hand, has not been warmly received by ceremonial high magic practitioners or those who simply believe themselves psychic but refuse to participate in the Old Religion. When it comes to scrying, ignoring the Moon is a deliberate rejection of the most beneficial of all symbolic associations.

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